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This guide provides an overview of tasks pertaining to ETL and the usage of the SWIFT toolkit. The ETL workflow requires a person with domain knowledge and understanding of the eagle-i resource ontology to prepare the input files for optimal upload, and a person with basic knowledge of Unix to run the commands and troubleshoot potential errors. A detailed description is provided in the page Preparing Input Data and Running an ETL Process



The ETLer expects data to be entered into one of the generated templates, and a few conventions to be respected (see Preparing Input Data and Running an ETL Process) . A data curator usually makes sure that the template is correctly filled. In particular, the location of the resources to be ETLd (e.g. Lab or Core facility name) must be provided in every row of data.


  • A detailed report of the ETL results is generated in the ~/eagle-i/swift-2.0MS3.01/logs directory; please inspect it to verify that all rows were correctly uploaded. The RDF version of generated resources is also logged in this directory.
  • To further verify the data upload, log on to the SWEET application and select the lab to which the ETLd resources belong.


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 ./ -f filename -c username:password -r repositoryURL