Scheduler is a free application that streamlines clinical research center operations by:

  • Enabling study staff to schedule research subjects in real-time directly in the system
  • Allowing CRCs to model out their resources for complex visits
  • Providing information to CRC staff about the daily activity on the unit
  • Generating reports for CRC leadership to better manage the operations of the unit

The free software is an open source project and we welcome institutions to adopt it and contribute to the community. Our team is also continuing active development on the application, enhancing and adding new features. We have successfully integrated with an EMR system and strive towards increasing interoperability with other systems and other open source software developed by our collaborators.

We hold regular open source community calls where you can join in on the conversation and ask questions. If you are interested in learning more about or joining our community calls, please contact .



November, 2016

Scheduler has successfully integrated with Epic, Partner’s EMPI system for all subject information. Scheduler went live in integration mode at MGH in November 2016 and at BWH in February 2017.

March 21, 2016
Scheduler is now open source! Please visit our open source wiki space for more information on how to download and install the software. We now also have a Sandbox environment available for you to learn and explore the application. Please contact with any questions and to schedule a demo.

Current People

Douglas MacFadden Douglas MacFadden Chief Informatics Officer, Harvard Catalyst Jessica Zhang Jessica Zhang Senior Business Analyst Marc-Danie Nazaire Marc-Danie Nazaire Software Engineer Andrew Dion Andrew Dion DevOps Engineer Ankit Panchamia Ankit Panchamia Technical Lead Carl Woolf Carl Woolf Senior Software Engineer Simone Biver-LeBlanc Simone Biver-LeBlanc Project Manager Tukash Mukhopadhaya Tukash Mukhopadhaya Software Quality Assurance Engineer Xavier Haurie Xavier Haurie Contract Software Engineer

Past People

Bill Simons Bill Simons Director of Engineering and Technology Renee Keith Renee Keith User Experience Intern Simon Chang Simon Chang Senior DevOps Engineer Thomas Naughton Thomas Naughton Software Quality Assurance Engineer Anthony Tranduc Anthony Tranduc Quality Assurance SYEP Intern Arundhathi Aravapalli Arundhathi Aravapalli Quality Assurance Automation Engineer Brian Erkkinen Brian Erkkinen Software Engineering Intern Bridget Gaffney Bridget Gaffney Software Implementation Project Manager Carolyn Fu Carolyn Fu Project Manager Christine Sloane Christine Sloane Senior Quality Assurance Analyst Clint Gilbert Clint Gilbert Software Engineer Daniel Runt Daniel Runt Senior Business Analyst David Hummel David Hummel Principal DevOps Engineer Diana Quach Diana Quach Project Manager James Martineau James Martineau Technical Lead – Senior Quality Assurance Automation Engineer Jill Singer Jill Singer Senior Software Engineer Joanna Brownstein Joanna Brownstein Director of Clinical Research Informatics Joshua Greenwood Joshua Greenwood Senior Quality Assurance Analyst Lisa Finch Lisa Finch Senior UI/Graphic Designer Max Randhahn Max Randhahn Automation Engineer Michael Bushe Michael Bushe Consulting Software Architect Ramandeep Singh Ramandeep Singh Quality Assurance Engineer – Test Automation Richie Siburian Richie Siburian Software Implementation Manager Rohit Singh Rohit Singh Quality Assurance Engineer – Test Automation Seth Paine Seth Paine UI/UX Designer Swathi Ramaraju Swathi Ramaraju QA Automation Engineer Sydney Hubbell Sydney Hubbell Business Analyst Co-op Tajinder Singh Tajinder Singh Software Quality Assurance Engineer Tina Bhatt Tina Bhatt Software Quality Assurance Engineer