The eagle-i network: making open science happen is a free application that makes it easy to discover biomedical research resources at a growing network of universities. The free software is an open source project, and we welcome institutions to adopt it and participate in this open network. The data in the system is also open access; anyone is welcome to search for resources, or to download the data.

The eagle-i technology

eagle-i is an ontology-driven, RDF-based software platform for creating, storing and searching semantically rich data about research resources of all kinds. eagle-i is built around semantic web technologies and adheres to linked open data principles. Interested in using the software or contributing to the project? Our developers wiki has all the technical details.

Please contact with any questions about this project.

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Current People

Douglas MacFadden Douglas MacFadden Chief Informatics Officer, Harvard Catalyst Juliane Schneider Juliane Schneider Lead Data Analyst Marc Ciriello Marc Ciriello Project Manager Michael Cherry Michael Cherry Senior Release Operations Engineer Thomas Naughton Thomas Naughton Software Quality Assurance Engineer Xavier Haurie Xavier Haurie Contract Software Engineer Andrew Dion Andrew Dion DevOps Engineer Bill Murphy Bill Murphy Senior Web Technology Architect Tukash Mukhopadhaya Tukash Mukhopadhaya Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Past People

Sophia Cheng Sophia Cheng Technical Lead and Principal Engineer Arundhathi Aravapalli Arundhathi Aravapalli Quality Assurance Automation Engineer Ashwin Rajkumar Ashwin Rajkumar Web Data Analyst Co-op Ayah Kattan Ayah Kattan Social Media Co-op Bhanu Bahl Bhanu Bahl Director, CTSC Informatics Program Management Clint Gilbert Clint Gilbert Software Engineer Daniela Bourges-Waldegg Daniela Bourges-Waldegg Director of Informatics Technology and Architecture Dave Neiman Dave Neiman Senior Software Engineer David Hummel David Hummel Principal DevOps Engineer Doug Wilson Doug Wilson Business Analyst Joanna Brownstein Joanna Brownstein Director of Clinical Research Informatics Julian Cole Julian Cole Senior Software Engineer Julianna Tsamantanis Julianna Tsamantanis Social Media and Communications Co-op Lisa Finch Lisa Finch Senior UI/Graphic Designer Ramandeep Singh Ramandeep Singh Quality Assurance Engineer – Test Automation Richard Pearse Richard Pearse Lead Resource Navigator Rohit Singh Rohit Singh Quality Assurance Engineer – Test Automation Seth Paine Seth Paine UI/UX Designer Tenille Johnson Tenille Johnson Lead Data Curator, The eagle-i Network Tina Bhatt Tina Bhatt Software Quality Assurance Engineer


The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center automated workflow tool pushes data from FHCRC’s Drupal-based resource sharing site to an eagle-i repository. The eagle-i team worked in tandem with Freelock and FHCR to build this open source Drupal connector. Read more.

In September 2012, the Web Portal team launched a new drupal-based website for the immunology community at Harvard. This community’s people and resources are spread across many centers and departments at Harvard and its academic health centers.   The Harvard Immunology website provides a window into this rich but disparate community, revealing the breadth and depth of their expertise. Its People & Labs tool expands upon Harvard Catalyst Profiles by providing a means for students and staff to add themselves to the community while faculty and fellows are automatically included. eagle-i integration provides a rich environment for finding and sharing resources.

eagle-i and the New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) Research Institute are collaborating to make iPS cells more visible and accessible to scientists working to understand and cure disease. NYSCF is a non-profit organization whose mission is to accelerate cures for the major diseases of our time through stem cell research. eagle-i powers the NYSCF stem cell search.

eagle-i collaborated with the VIVO team to align the VIVO and eagle-i resource ontologies into the Integrated Semantic Framework (or VIVO-ISF). This aligned ontology covers researcher interests, activities, and accomplishments, as well as the resource resources produced in their work. The two aligned ontologies under the VIVO-ISF provided the backbone for data integration between eagle-i and Profiles.