Sophia Cheng
Technical Lead and Principal Engineer
Degree(s): BS, Computer Engineering; MS, Bioinformatics
Harvard Medical School
Landmark Center, Suite 504 West
401 Park Drive
Boston MA 02215

About Sophia

Sophia Cheng is a principal software engineer for Harvard Catalyst’s Biomedical Informatics Program. Sophia has been working on the eagle-i project since 2010 and has lead the eagle-i technical team for 4 years before transitioning to a principal engineering role. She also contributes to the Web Portal projects as a principal software engineer. Sophia has many years of experience developing software in the biomedical research area, both as part of a larger team and as an independent consultant.  She has worked with a variety of languages and technologies, including java, rails, scala, python, perl and c#.  In her spare time, Sophia enjoys trying to make her cats internet famous, learning disparate topics, killing zombies, and staying current with technology.